punk rock filmmaking

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We’re filmmakers in Tulsa, OK who live to create exciting, story-driven videos for kick-ass brands, bands, & organizations.

Everybody’s got a smartphone, which means everybody has a camera. These days, you don’t hire a production company because you can’t make a video yourself: you hire one because you need a storyteller. Stoke Shed exists to empower brands, bands, and businesses to grow and thrive by putting your message first, creating stellar videos, and telling engaging stories to drive engagement, inspire brand loyalty, & stand out from the crowd.

We’re also just a little weird, but we think that’s better than being boring.


 Your message comes first-
not our ego.

Stoke Shed exists today because people took chances on us. We’ll level with you: we only work with brands we believe in and trust, which means that we can take every project personally: we’re your cheerleaders, fans, & allies, & it makes a world of difference. We only want to make things that leave the world a better place than we found it.

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We can’t make films about things we don’t understand, so we learn who you are & what you need to say before we turn any cameras on.

We keep your message first: you’re trusting us to represent you, not to show off our Star Trek lens flares or fancy ego shots.

We care about the whole process, and include you every step of the way: making movies is hella fun, & should be for everyone involved.

We do hereby solemnly swear to do our best to make you look like a total badass.

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let’s create something awesome together.

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