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Bobby Ross | Owner, Director of Photography

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My name is Bobby.

I grew up loving hardcore punk. I even got my degree in songwriting, and if it was a weekend in my youth, you knew I’d be playing guitar and probably screaming my guts out on a stage somewhere. I still love it to this day, and whether I’m in the gym, running down the street, or just editing video in a coffee shop, I’ve probably got something loud and aggressive piping directly into my skull through my headphones.


I love the intensity of the style,

but there was something else I loved growing up that informed my understanding of art even more than the music I adored: classic horror movies. The stories were simple, designed for maximum impact, and easy to understand. The villains and monsters were sketched boldly and became icons because of it. 

And the images were powerful because the filmmakers knew exactly what they were going for, and why.  They were silly and over-the-top, but they were also unforgettable.

They were pretty rock ’n’ roll.


Fast forward to today:

as a filmmaker, it turns out that many of the things I loved about those movies translates perfectly into every project I make. Video is king in new media, and it’s an investment, not an expense: beautiful images are always great; but if your message gets lost along the way, then it’s not making you any money. You should be working with great artists, but if they aren’t storytellers first, then your audience won’t know why they should care about you.

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If your video producers aren’t storytellers first, then your audience won’t know why they should care about you.


We specialize in bold brand videos for web and new media. 

We work with small, modern equipment, which makes us nimbler and far less in-the-way than our competitors. And just like when we’d play punk rock on the weekends, we want to make it a fun, stress-free experience for everyone, so that you can enjoy not just your product, but the process of creating along with us. It’s just not worth doing if it’s no fun.

We’d love to be a partner in telling your brand’s story, and just like those crazy old slasher movies that used to make me laugh and scream as a kid, I want to give your brand staying power, and help you to leave a lasting impression on your audience (don’t worry- no machetes or fake blood necessary)!


 let’s work together

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