Blacksmith Roofing & Construction are a world class company because they’re world-class people.

Integrity is so central to what they do that it’s even stamped on their logo in one simple phrase: Ironclad Ethics. Instead of buying bigger trucks with bolder advertisements or garish billboards touting their own importance, they’ve focused on making sure they treat every client with respect and giving them the best service possible. It’s

When they approached us about creating some videos with them, we were ecstatic, because that’s the exact kind of company we want to work with.

Before working alongside them to create their branding, photography, and first commercial, we sat down with co-founders Steven Ragsdale and Preston Davis to dig deep into their brand. Why did they start Blacksmith? What sets them apart? And how do we embed their values deeply enough into every facet of their visual identity that when you finally do get the chance to meet this awesome set of dudes for the first time, that you feel like you’re picking up with an old friend rather than meeting somebody new?

We decided that this was one of the times that straightforward was best. In Your Roof, our first commercial spot, we replaced bold claims, name-dropping, and competitor-bashing with simple statements of value. We skipped the massive-scale production and instead used handheld cameras and a clearly worded voiceover. And most importantly, we focused on the customer, not on inflating the owners’ egos, and it works beautifully because it’s already built into the DNA of this rad company.

BSR Horses Posed Photo (1 of 1).jpg

On our second collaboration, Steven and Preston came ready to try something different. Since we’d already established a brand and built a clientele with tons of solid reviews, including a few awards, they were ready to play, and when the idea came up to poke fun at themselves, we were 110% in. *Not Actual Blacksmiths was a lot of fun to make!