Q. So what is it you do again?

A. Stoke Shed is a media production company in Tulsa, OK, that specializes in social media promotional content for small businesses, obstacle course races, non-profit organizations, and content creators. We travel the world to shoot & edit videos, have a full-time graphic designer in-house, & produce our own short films & series. We believe the only reason we’ve been lucky enough to stay in business is because we just wouldn’t be able to live with ourselves if we didn’t do business honestly & earnestly, so we create every project from scratch for our clients.


Q. Do you shoot weddings or family events?

A. Unfortunately no, we generally don’t shoot weddings, family reunions, or personal celebrations. There are many fantastic wedding photographers & videographers who specialize in these events, and we feel that focusing our energies on other fields allows us to better serve our clients and deliver the best products we can.

A quick note regarding family events, reunions, birthdays, and the like: smartphone & small camera technology has come so far that we believe that it is most often unnecessary to hire a professional to shoot these personal events when you have all the tools to capture these events in stunning detail, & also the personal knowledge of what is most important to your family unit. That being said, we do provide editing services for these at a fixed hourly rate- just contact us and let’s talk about it!


Q. Why aren’t your prices posted on your website?

A. Every project is different, and we believe that part of being professionals is taking our clients seriously & considering their needs on a case by case basis. We want to give you our full attention, talk about the needs of your project, & most importantly not sell you something you don’t want or need. We’ve found that the best way for us to do this is to let our work speak for itself, & to speak candidly with potential clients about what we can offer that’s unique to us.


Q. Do you provide crew/work for productions other than your own?

A. Yes! One of the most special things about filmmaking is the fact that it’s a collaborative effort, and helping bring other creators’ visions to life is massively rewarding. If you’re looking for production/post-production crew for your creative project, feel free to e-mail our DoP Bobby Ross at bobbyrossfilm@gmail.com.


Q. I don’t know what all these terms mean on your project questionairre- do you provide consulting to help me figure out what my business needs?

A. Absolutely! You can book a phone call or personal meeting with us anytime if the questionnaire seems daunting, and the best thing is that the first half-hour is free! We’ll help you figure out what your options are, analyze your needs, & build a solution with you. Just schedule a time with us through Calendly on our Hire Us page & and we’ll be in contact at the time you choose!